Full name

Scott Kletzka


Character Artist


Las Vegas, NV


Scott Kletzka | 3D Character Artist
Las Vegas, NV
scottkletzka@yahoo.com | scottkletzka.carbonmade.com | 734.233.5260

Industry Experience:
Sunstorm Games
Core 3D Artist March 2013-present
Modeling and Texture work using Maya, Zbrush and Photoshop for various character related assets such as clothing and characters for mobile games using Unity for iOS.

Valve Software
Dota 2 Workshop Contributor August 2013-present
Modeling, Texturing and Rigging armor and weapon assets for Dota 2 Workshop. Items accepted into game.

Reactor Zero
Contract 3D Artist July 2012-January 2013
Animation, Modeling and Texture work using Maya and Photoshop for various assets and environment work. Also created levels and terrain using proprietary engine and tools.

Shipped Titles:
-Sunnyville Salon (iOS)
-Circus Food Maker (iOS)
-High School Life (iOS)

Awards and Achievements:
Workshop Items Accepted into DotA 2 by Valve Software
Showdown Challenge Character Art Winner on Art by Papercut Forum

CG Character Animation
Digital sculpting
Texture painting
Character Modeling
Efficient modeling and UV Layout for baking and texture creation.
Focus on composition, lighting, style, color, detail, and silhouette in all assets.
A passion for art, games and self-improvement.
Traditional art background and training.

Software Knowledge:
| Maya | Photoshop | Zbrush | UV Layout | Xnormal | Unity |

College for Creative Studies, Detroit, MI
BFA in CG Character Animation
Graduated May 2012